GACS-7104 (Theory and Practice of Security and Privacy - Introduction to Digital Forensics)

Course Objectives

This course provides students an understanding of theoretical and practical aspects of security and privacy and opens them up to the current research challenges in this area.  The course focuses on security and privacy from a digital forensics’ perspective. It introduces the theory of digital forensics and provides a practical introduction to conducting digital investigations addressing various types of cyber threats. Students will learn about the key digital forensics processes such as evidence collection, preservation, examination, analysis, and reporting, and work with different tools used for these processes.

The objective of this course is to introduce students to digital forensics from both theoretical and practical perspectives. The goal of the lecture will be: 1) to discuss different underlying concepts on which digital forensics tools are based and the theory of conducting investigations; 2) to provide an introduction into how digital forensics tools are used in achieving the aim of each phase of the digital forensics process. Students will have the opportunity to work on case scenarios to consolidate their understanding. 

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